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Watch Double Sex in Apartment

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Watch Double Sex in Apartment, it was new friends that they meet on the dinner. These two girls were best friends and it was nice dinner they were having with two man. After that this best friends were invited to the man apartment to spend the night. After couple of drinks they go seperate way which one in the room and the other remain in the living room. Meanwhile in the room while having sex, the girls and man in the living room can’t stand hearing the moaning of sex. So they become horny as well. The next minutes they starting kissing each other while touching each other. Finally they also having sex in the living room. Couples in the room also hear the moaning and become more exicting with their sex. It’s continue until they all satisfied.

There are 4 couples in this movie and maybe they look amateur and shy when playing this movie. But the location was quite good and giving good impresion. Event the emotions of the actress was felt. These best friends was look shy while having sex at the first time, but then they were going on and enjoy it more.

This video length is more than 1 hour playtime so please turn on the light as you watching this movie and use earphone or headset because we don’t want anyone around you maybe annoyed by the sound made from this movie. But if you are confident you can watch this video using speaker which will give more experience and satisfaction while watching.

This video only for people that already over 17 or 21 years old and when you are watching this it means you already understand and old enough. Please don’t invite your parents to watch this it may give wrong impression and causing you to feel shamed or maybe kicked out from the family.

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